Status of the 1984 NIV Outline

April 26, 2022

NIV 1984 readers rejoice! I got an email from Mr. Garrison stating that there has been a "change of heart" and he is permitted to keep the 1984 NIV on his website, which is what he wanted to happen all along.

Here are the links to those outline Bibles:

NIV1984 Outline Page

NIV1984/NIV2011 Parallel Bible Outline Page

February 11, 2022

I received an email from the webmaster of stating that Biblica, the publishers of the NIV, have demanded that he remove the 1984 NIV from his site. This is the email I received from the webmaster of

Hello, I am the owner/operator of and I am writing to give you a heads up that I will be removing both the NIV and NIV84 from my website. I am taking this action since Biblica (the copyright owners) has made the removal of the NIV84 a condition of permission for the NIV. Rather than removing only the NIV84 edition, I will be removing both. Please feel free to express your displeasure to regarding their demands. Personally I feel that they are showing a lack of thankfulness to all those who helped to support them over the years by demanding the removal of this beloved edition of the NIV. Jeff Garrison